Go Naked: CSS Naked Day April 9

Lorelle on WordPress

In 2006, the First Annual CSS Naked Day was held, a tribute to honor web designers, the painters of our websites. I celebrate the holiday most years on this site. Every year on April 9, web developers, designers, and those honoring web design and programming celebrate by removing the styles on our sites for 24 hours.

By turning off the CSS, the design styles of my website, it is stripped down to the HTML architecture. It will look similar to what websites resembled in the earliest days of the web, bare bones architecture holding the content and little else.

The second year, 2007, mine and thousands of other sites disrobed to honor CSS Naked Day. By 2008, there were hundreds of thousands of sites participating.

In 2008, this site went naked and I explained:

I honor the web designers who “walk the walk” and volunteer their time…

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