Radio XLIL, side A, track 4: “This One’s For The Children” by New Kids On The Block

Mixed Tape Masterpiece

NKOTB - This One's For The ChildrenOh, New Kids On The Block, oh my God this song is horrible.  No, this time I’m not April foolin’.  I mean, I enjoy the hell out of this song and everything, New Kids On The Block, but I can’t even listen to this one with a straight face, so I can’t imagine how you were able to sing it with a straight face.  Oh, I’m not ragging on the sentiment.  I’m a shitty human being much of the time, but even I’m not so much of an ogre as to sneer at the idea of helping children.  But could you be any more condescending, New Kids On The Block?

“This is a very serious message, so all of you, please listen.”  Oh my goodness, what message could this be?

“There are some people living in this world, they have no food to eat.  They have no place…

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