Radio XLIL, side A, track 6: “Oh Father” by Madonna

Mixed Tape Masterpiece

Madonna - Oh FatherOh, Madonna, now THIS is how you do it.  You need to have a talk with New Kids On The Block on how to make a great song that has something to say and still have it be a beautiful piece of art.  Which this song is.  I forgot how haunting and heartbreaking this one is.  And I still can’t believe how few Madonna songs were on the radio at the time.  I mean, the last song we heard by you was 9 tapes ago!  That’s crazy, Madonna.

I think the part of this song that hits me the most (pardon the choice of words) is that whole “You never wanted to live that way” and “Somebody hurt you, too”.  I come from a land of stoic men and women who don’t talk about what they’re feeling.  Ever.  And so an image of an emotionally closed-off man of…

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