Shedding Your Skin For Spring!

The PURSUIT of wellness

After a long, harsh  Canadian winter, Spring is finally making it’s appearance!  If you are anything like me, your body is craving lighter foods and you have a desire to shed the heaviness that winter can bring, not only in a physical sense, but emotionally and mentally as well.

Winter has always been a time of hibernation for me. I take these cold winter months to reflect, heal and experience growth as an individual. Solitude allows for an internal dialogue that I only have a desire for when it is too cold to go out after dark, and I truly enjoy Spring that much more as I feel refreshed and renewed after some deep release and healing.

Physically, we may see that our bodies have changed over these cold winter months. “Winter Weight” has been coined as a common phrase, but often in a negative sense. Truthfully, our bodies are acting…

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