The Eucharist is an Act of Community

Daily Theology

One of the central tenets of the Christian tradition is the community of believers.  We are not single individuals, struggling along in a vast sea of humanity.  We are a community–a collection of people, sharing minds and hearts and desires. We share the struggles of a life of faith in God, faith for the sake of those who are lost, faith in humanity’s turn to God.

The principle expression of this shared life varies depending on the circumstances: in our online world of social media, a shared life is one that necessarily removes the personal interaction of the person from the other.  There is no embrace, no understanding through personal affectation, no handshake or laugh of mutual respect.

There can be shared things–shared articles, music, videos–but not the shared experience of these things, just the description of the shared experience.  I cannot stand next to my blogging friends here…

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