The 12 Secret Things To Do In Life Before You Depart This World

1. The Life That You Are Living Is Much More Important Than What You Want To Become. This Is The Secret Beware Of What You Are Becoming In Pursuit Of What You Want. It Is Called Lifestyle. The Life Which You Choose To Live While You Are Still On Earth.

2. If You Are Living A Beggar Lifestyle Think Your Help Will Come From Man. You Cannot Command Supernatural Wealth. The Reason Is Simple Real, Living Will Always Precede Good Receiving. When You Believe You Will Perceive And Fianlly Receive.

3. Your Thinking And Mediation Will Largely Determine What Becomes Of You Soon. You Cannot Become More Than What You Can Accommodate In Your Heart. Remember As A Man Thinks So He Is. A Lifestyle Of Good Thinking Will Beget A Lifestyle Of Good Results.

4. A…

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