Through a Mirror, Apocryphally – Star Trek: The Mirror Universe Saga

I was secretly in love with William Shatner……teehee

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Star Trek The Mirror Universe Saga

Star Trek comics have been around almost since the show’s earliest days on air, and while the first Gold Key books were nothing to write home about, over the years there have been a number of series and individual issues worthy of note. Indeed, the comics often offered enhanced opportunities for experimentation, for the Enterprise-centric narrative to boldly go places no television hour-long could. Something like The Modala Imperative, an adventure that spanned generations and reunited Spock and McCoy in the 24th century, would be impossible for live-action, and thus could only take place in book form.

Today we look and one of the more delightful comic runs that Trek ever had, one that came early on in DC’s first stab at an ongoing. Because who can resist the goateed so-good-to-be-bad doings of the Mirror Universe?

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