Cats are Funny but Husbands are FUNNIER!

If you read my “about me” page then you met Shadow!  Just in case you didn’t, and don’t plan on, reading my “about me” page….here he is again!   🙂 ShadowCats are a funny breed of animal! And so are husbands!!

Our Shadow is a beautiful cat that our son, in his senior year of high school, brought home from a football game. He found the kitten in the rim of a tire on the road behind the school. Shadow couldn’t have been more than 8 weeks old. My husband detests cats, no…really! I mean he has always said they are only good for footballs….ummm and no he would never do that! He is all talk, trust me!  But that gives you an idea what he thinks of cats.  So to get back to my son bringing the kitten home, well he didn’t exactly tell us about the cat, I…

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