Radio L, side B, track 3: “Mr. Rogers”

Mixed Tape Masterpiece

Mr. RogersOh, Mr. Rogers, I’ve always had mixed feelings about you.  I didn’t watch you regularly as a kid, mostly because PBS didn’t come in very well on our TV.  I also found you a little bit unnerving.  Growing up as I did in a community where one stuffed one’s feelings, but never deep enough where it wouldn’t show up in some passive-aggressive, back-handed manner, I couldn’t comprehend someone like you who seemed so serene regardless of what was happening to you.  The only time I’d ever seen anyone that calm was right before a major emotional eruption or a massive nervous breakdown.  So it was almost a little too tense for me to watch you, waiting for that moment where you stubbed your toe while changing your shoes and went off on a five-minute expletive-filled tirade.

And what was up with changing your shoes anyway, Mr. Rogers?  I mean…

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