By the light of the Moon….

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Magical Moon

Magical Moon


Interpol – Global Police Force Patrolling the World

The World Police Force


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JESUS PODEROSO GUERRERO: 2 Corintios 12:9~~~’ El poder de Cristo ‘

4th Sunday of Easter–We are Redeemed!

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Redemption…A word we use, but what does it mean for us?

Remember  days of long ago when we purchased coke or pepsi and it came in glass bottles.  And then we redeemed those bottles.  It meant that those empty bottles still had value, beyond what they contained.

Redemption is to say there is value.


Through the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and through his very being, we humans are redeemed.   We are shown that we have value, beyond what we think we contain.   No matter what, we always have value.


We, as the 2nd reading makes clear, are children of God.  This is our value, this is our core identity.  This is what matters.  This is our freedom!   God loves us no matter what!  Even after executing the Son of God, we have value.


See, I think we too often think our value is…

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Sorrows Have Taught Me

Radio L, side B, track 3: “Mr. Rogers”

Mixed Tape Masterpiece

Mr. RogersOh, Mr. Rogers, I’ve always had mixed feelings about you.  I didn’t watch you regularly as a kid, mostly because PBS didn’t come in very well on our TV.  I also found you a little bit unnerving.  Growing up as I did in a community where one stuffed one’s feelings, but never deep enough where it wouldn’t show up in some passive-aggressive, back-handed manner, I couldn’t comprehend someone like you who seemed so serene regardless of what was happening to you.  The only time I’d ever seen anyone that calm was right before a major emotional eruption or a massive nervous breakdown.  So it was almost a little too tense for me to watch you, waiting for that moment where you stubbed your toe while changing your shoes and went off on a five-minute expletive-filled tirade.

And what was up with changing your shoes anyway, Mr. Rogers?  I mean…

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‘AMBASSADOR FOR JESUS’: David’s dying prayer