Whatta nightmeh…..

Love you Momma Beverly

Rest In Peace, Beverly. I love you.

my momma in law died day before yesterday and i’m still reeling from the shock. I don’t know why I thought we had time cuz we don’t. I’m turning 57 in 6 months. Exactly 6 months from now is April 23rd and she died on that day. i was just telling my daughter last week that significant events in my life have occurred on that day, the 23td of April. I started my period April 23rd. you get the gist, right? Well, this time someone close to me died. So now i’m forced to look at death in the eye which makes me wonder and stress over my own mortality. Imma scared o’ death.
But I digressed, the point is I’ve been having nightmares that wake me up and I go back to sleep and the nightmare picks up where it left off. wtf? why? what the hell…..? So I wake up feeling shitty cuz I can’t sleep.
Then I talk to Frank, the love of my life. And I remember and it slaps me upside the head! Idiota! It’s not your mom that died it was Frank’s. And he’s handling it so well cuz he claims to “be a real man” while he punches his flexed arm and moves on in life like a grown up. And me, like an idiota is taking Frank’s thunder away from him. Note to self, Stop being a pussy just cuz you have one. Shit. =)


(1) MaryAnn Regalado Vasquez

Mother Earth...heal me, please?

(1) MaryAnn Regalado Vasquez.