Love these classic black n white photos…ah those were the days

nothin' always means something




What’s with all the alligators? LOL =)


Thinking about Exams

To my high school daughter, Mercy! good luck on the SAT today! Muah!

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Exams and I have a fair degree of history together. From that fateful first day in third year when I waited anxiously outside a gym hall to sit my Standard Grade English, to desperately scouring the labyrinth that is Glasgow Uni, trying to find my Honours English Literature exams, or waiting in the rain outside the OTC building, trying not to get run over by passing cars as rain splashed onto my notepad, exams and I have gone through hell and back together.

And they’re a funny thing, exams. Subject to much controversy too, especially in recent years with the dominance of technology over almost all other forms of learning and examination (who hands in a handwritten essay these days? is it even allowed?). Exams suddenly seem awfully old-fashioned. Individual (wobbly) desks, ink spilling everywhere, people writing with fury in an echoey hall. It seems a strange idea, to sit…

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Getting our hands dirty

Strong Language

Taboo words and expressions are usually among the first things second-language learners want to learn—a fact not lost on sign language instructors like Barry Priori (first introduced to Strong Language in a Sweary Links roundup), who ran “swearing workshops” at the Adelaide Fringe Festival to boost awareness of Australian Sign Language (Auslan). Swearing in sign language is incredibly nuanced and is about much more than learning a simple handshape or gesture. Get it wrong, and you might alienate an entire community, as Kristin Henson found out.

Henson hosted videos on the popular YouTube channel Dirty Signs with Kristin in which she taught her interpretations for signs representing profanity or crude phrases in pop culture, including skullfuck,cunt punt and twat waffle. Her notoriety landed her a book deal, but members of the Deaf community [1]launched a petition urging the publisher to drop the book because…

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Awww, I wanna be as one with my man just like these two lovebirds….

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Like a glove to a hand

Heaven on earth when you can sync together as one….

Whatta nightmeh…..

Love you Momma Beverly

Rest In Peace, Beverly. I love you.

my momma in law died day before yesterday and i’m still reeling from the shock. I don’t know why I thought we had time cuz we don’t. I’m turning 57 in 6 months. Exactly 6 months from now is April 23rd and she died on that day. i was just telling my daughter last week that significant events in my life have occurred on that day, the 23td of April. I started my period April 23rd. you get the gist, right? Well, this time someone close to me died. So now i’m forced to look at death in the eye which makes me wonder and stress over my own mortality. Imma scared o’ death.
But I digressed, the point is I’ve been having nightmares that wake me up and I go back to sleep and the nightmare picks up where it left off. wtf? why? what the hell…..? So I wake up feeling shitty cuz I can’t sleep.
Then I talk to Frank, the love of my life. And I remember and it slaps me upside the head! Idiota! It’s not your mom that died it was Frank’s. And he’s handling it so well cuz he claims to “be a real man” while he punches his flexed arm and moves on in life like a grown up. And me, like an idiota is taking Frank’s thunder away from him. Note to self, Stop being a pussy just cuz you have one. Shit. =)